About the Corporate Rate Hotel Directory
Corporate Travel Coordinators of America contacts thousands of hotels and arranges with them to provide special corporate rates which fall at or below a regionally adjusted target per diem rate which has been recommended by a committee of corporate travel managers.

Companies depend on our organization to obtain favorable corporate rates from hotels all over the world.Collectively, these companies dominate the business travel market. We’re sure you know that the C.T.C.A. Corporate Rate Hotel Directory is America’s main source of corporate hotel rates. But did you know that . . .
. . . we are the only corporate rate hotel directory which is directly ordered by over 2000 of America’s largest corporations.
. . . with over 1500 participating properties, more hotels advertise in our publication than in any other corporate directory in the world.
. . . this past year the number of companies who’ve joined the C.T.C.A. has increased by more than 20%. With over two trillion dollars in sales, the companies we represent now account for more than 30% of the G.N.P.
. . . hundreds of companies have written us to have their monthly shipments of the CTCA Corporate Rate Hotel Directory increased.

In the future, we expect to increase the number of hotels participating in this program and the size of  the corporate discounts offered. When making reservations at the participating hotels, it is necessary to ask for the special corporate rates available and to specify that you are using the CTCA Corporate Travel Coordinators of America directory as your source. 

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